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We appreciate all the business we receive from our customers and we invite you to share your Family Auction House experience.  Please take a moment and make your comments below.  We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Wayne, the owner, is one of the most honest people I know. He and his family are wonderful people and I enjoying going to the auction house and bidding. (They also make it a lot of fun.) Wayne, his family and the staff make me feel like I’m part of a big family, along with the regulars. I even drive 90 minutes since I moved to still go. So, hope to see you there!

  2. We can’t begin to say enough good things about working with Wayne and his family. Wayne was referred to us and what an incredible referral it was. They came out to our Mother’s home and removed everythign that was to be sold at auction. They did an incredible job of cleaning out the house, were so easy to work with, very personable and honest. They were successful at selling the contents within two auction and then we received an itemized list of the contents sold along with a check and a donation receipt. They really took a lot of pressure off of us during a difficult time. Can’t begin to say enough good things about doing business with them. We will also be referring them to anyone that has to face an estate sale.

    p.s. While our name may be Kennedy, we are not related, but they sure did treated us more like family.

  3. Hello.

    Raleigh Furniture Gallery gave me your web address…just one question? When do you post pics of items prior to your auction? If you post the day before your auctions…it will save me from checking several times daily. lol

    Thank you and I look forward to attending your auction.



  4. i generally start putting pics on line around wednesday before the auction sometimes i run late,
    and i will continue to add pics up until the morning of the sale.
    wayne kennedy

  5. Wayne Kennedy and the staff at Family Auction house is what the sign says FAMILY. I have been going to the auction with them for over 2 years and it has been a blessing getting to know them. I own Oxford Downtown Mall and a number of our vendors go to his auction now and it’s a lot of fun, the kind you get when you go and hang out with friends. I know I go there to find the best deals but they make it fun, just to here him and Bridget go at it. I don’t know another place I would want to be at on a Saturday night than hanging out with friends and FAMILY. If you are looking for a great place with the best hotdogs in Kittrell then stop by Family Auction House and join the fun.

  6. If you are looking for THE AUCTION HOUSE, look no further than here. Family Auction House and Wayne, by far (trust me, I know from plenty of trial & error auction house experience) are superior in every category that others don’t even know about. From keeping there word all the time, to caring about their consignors and buyers alike, Wayne and his staff get 5 stars across the board. I would, without any hesitation, reccomend Family Auction House to anyone, anywhere, anytime, with 100% confidence. Trust us, Go see these guys, I promiseyou won’t be disappointed! Great business model that others should take note of! Thank you Wayne and all of your staff for always being willing yo help our business out – WE APPRECIATE YOU!

  7. I’ve been going to auctions since I was child and have become addicted to the fun of it all. The Family Auction House is one of the best places to spend a Saturday night. Buy or not, eat the good food, and most of all meet some fine people. Wayne, Bridgett, Brandon and the rest of the families and friends there are to put it simply…just fun!!!!! The place is full of laughter, and your sure to meet people that will make your night one to remember. If your looking for a good time come out and try it you’ll be welcomed and may meet a new friend or 2, and buy something you can’t live without…LOL.

  8. Wayne and Bridget are amazingly hardworking, honest folks!!!! Love them!!! And trust them to no end! They helped us remove and de clutter my mothers estate, with the utmost respect, and dignity, with a bit of humor to keep things in perspective. It’s so tough downsizing a parents home, filled with a lifetime’s collection of treasures. They made it so easy, simply removing everything we asked, with calm and kindness. A check showed up promptly, listing every item sold. Granted, not every item sold for what it was worth to her personally, but to have someone come in and physically do the hard work of removing a homes contents, it was worth every penny to us! Thank you Wayne and Bridget!!! We highly recommend you to anyone looking to downsize or close an estate! You made it so easy for us. Many thanks!!!!

  9. I have a senior mother with health problems! We had been trying to get her ready for cold weather, since they are calling for a bad winter. She has everything she needs so if the power goes out, she can have hot food, her coffee, and be warm! That has been a major peace of mind for me! Oh and the fact that my 16 year old daughter likes spending her Sat. nights with us there, that says alot! So thanks for the peace of mind that you have given me!

  10. I am very pleased with Wayne and Family Auction House. They did a very commendable and professional job of collecting and selling all the ‘stuff’ I managed to collect over the last 29 years. I would wholeheartedly recommend Family Auction House.

  11. Wayne is a great guy to do business with and he has alot of cool stuff at his auction keep up the good work wayne

  12. My husband Joe and I have really enjoyed going to Family Auction House. Wayne and his staff make it a fun HONEST experience. It is so refreshing to go to an auction and not have to bid against “house plants”…lol. I look forward to going more often even if I don’t anticipate buying anything(but I always do)! Thank you to Wayne and his staff for providing an excellent business model of what an auction house should be!

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