Services Offered

We are considered a full service auction house and we handle many types of auctions. Here is a simple break down:

consignmentConsignment: This is when a person referred to as a consignor brings us items for sale on a regular basis.  We generally charge 30% for this service.  This price can be negotiable depending on items being sold on a regular basis.  This is where we obtain a majority of our stock.



Estate sale: This is a broad term. And we can handle all of it. First let me explain what an estate sale is, that is when someone is clearing out their house (estate) this does not necessary mean that it is done upon a loved ones death, but can also just be some one is moving.

Partial estate is exactly what that means, you don’t have to sell everything in your house. You can be moving and just have a lot of stuff left over you need to get rid of or just cleaning out your attic, storage unit or garage or house can be classified as a partial estate. Basicly you are looking at a one time use of our services.


Now, our prices varies on this and all depending on how we proceed.

  • Are we having the sale onsite (your house)?
  • Are you bringing me the goods?
  • Do I have to go pick the items up and bring them back to our building?

All of these things incurring different cost. So this is an issue we would need to speak in person about.

Now lastly, if we can agree on a price, sometimes it is just easier for the both of us that we just buy out your estate.  This may not net you the most money, but it does get you money right now.

In the end, no matter which service you fall under, we work for you and strive to make you as much money as possible, you see………I don’t make money, unless I make you money.

I hope that this explains everything and we can move forward and help you get some money!


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